The Gatehouse Suite

The Gatehouse was the first addition to Lunuganga, built in the early 1970s to house architectural assistants that came to work on projects over the weekend. The Gatehouse is nestled in a grove of trees at the foot of Cinnamon Hill about 100m away from the main bungalow, and the guest suite is an intimate space that occupies the top floor of the house. Large alcove windows from both bedroom and bathroom open onto the lush, green foliage that fringes the hill. The bathroom features twin vanities and is framed by a salvaged antique column. A beautiful batik print created by the artist Ena de Silva adorns the wall above the double bed.

In the veranda on the ground floor, a stunning mural by the artist Laki Senanayake offers a reminder, as it gently fades over the years, of the remarkable circle of artists who once gathered here.